You will be conducting library research to support and develop a thesis on the topic you choose. 

//You will be conducting library research to support and develop a thesis on the topic you choose. 

You will be conducting library research to support and develop a thesis on the topic you choose. 

Research Paper

You will be conducting library research to support and develop a thesis on the topic you choose.  This project is to be informative in nature.  For this reason, you should approach the assignment by brainstorming information questions.  Think of yourself as a teacher/expert, having to share information and knowledge with your audience.  You are not to reveal your opinions in this project.  You are not to use first person in this project.


You will use APA guidelines for your paper and will include a cover sheet, body of your paper, in-text citations, and attach your TREC outline to the paper.  Length: 6 to 8 pages for the body of your paper.  Use 1” margins on all sides.  Double space everything.  Make a Running head: ABBREVIATED TITLE on the cover sheet.  Add the assigned running head/abbreviated title to page 2 and all following pages.  Page numbers will begin with the cover sheet as page 1 and continue through the paper and outline attached at the end.  Indent each new paragraph 0.5 inches.  Put 2 spaces after each period/punctuation.  APA documentation will be discussed in class.


**Do not write in first person and do not use contractions in your Research Paper**


Researching and writing your paper:


  1. Formulate a research question, and provide facts that clearly support your thesis /research topic. For example, for research questions, you might ask, “What are schools doing to curb bullyingWhat programs have they initiatedHow are students involved?” Questions such as these help you to search for answers and to narrow your topic.  From researching, reading, and careful note-taking, you should have learned quite a bit about your topic, especially if you are moving forward with the topic from your exploratory essay.


  1. For finding a topic and a focus, you can search newspapers and magazines (paper or online). Think about issues related to the environment, to ethics in modern life, to education, etc.  Getting the “big picture” can help you to focus on an in-depth idea for a specific research topic.  Expect to do considerable reading on a topic before you find a specific avenue for academic research.  Topics must be approved by the instructor.


  1. Your paper must include an abstract which immediately follows the cover page. Pay special attention to APA formatting for abstracts (ie: no indentation in first line, etc).


Your paper should have a clear thesis which you’ll support with reasons and evidence. The introduction should set up the scope and importance of the research to follow. Another function of the introduction is to gain the interest of your readers.


The body of your paper will provide the bulk of your evidence and will relate this information to your thesis in a clear manner.  Evidence of the highest quality is critical to your success with this assignment.


Finally, write a sensitive conclusion that reflects the thesis and summarizes the main points of the essay.  **Note: The paper should have a clear introduction with thesis, multi-paragraphed body (Reasons and Examples), conclusion, reference page, and TREC or PREP outline.


  1. Secondary Sources: You must gather information from 6-8 secondary sources. At least one of your sources must be a scholarly journal article.

Please stick to well-recognized journals, articles, newspapers, and books as your sources.  Ask the librarian for help as well!  This will be a 6-8 page essay (not including cover sheet, reference page, or outline).


  1. Make a TREC or PREP Outline (type it double-spaced, indent Examples 0.5 inch)


                Title for the outline is to be centered on top line.  TREC/PREP Outline: Title of Your Paper


                Thesis/Point: Thesis statement: Major point you are trying to make.  Should be one or two sentences.



  1. There should be several reasons in the body of your paper.
  2. Each Reason should begin a new paragraph and be followed in one or more paragraphs of several specific examples that illustrate/demonstrate/support your reasons.


Conclusion/Point restated:  The conclusion should sum up your findings.  It reflects your                 thesis and summarizes the main points of the essay.


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