You need to answer all of these questions.

//You need to answer all of these questions.

You need to answer all of these questions.

This is the link for Ad:

You need to answer all of these questions.

1. Describe the ad. What is it trying to sell? Summarize the ad from the opening until the end.
2. Notice where the ad appears. What is its target audience?(Don’t say all Americans; be specific.)
To what extent dos the placement of the ad in a magazine or newspaper or on a billboard (or online) determine the potential viewers of the ad?
3. Identify what draws your attention. Where does your eye go?
To an image, some text, some odd juxtaposition?
4. Consider the ethos of the ad. Evaluate the legitimacy, or ethos, of the ad’s sponsor. For example, what do you know about the corporation or institution sponsoring the ad? To what extent do you share its values?
5. Analyze the pathos in the ad. How do the images and text appeal to your emotions? What does the image or text make you feel or think about?
6. Understand the logic (or lack thereof) of the ad. How are the images and text related to the claim that the ad is making? Which fallacies does the ad fall victim to?
7. Formulate a conclusion. Based on your analysis, is the ad trustworthy? Why or why not?

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