Written Response Assignment

//Written Response Assignment

Written Response Assignment

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Department of Humanities and Communications
Spring 2016 HU 144 Studies in Art
Written Response Assignment
Due beginning of the Final Exam Period: Wednesday, May 4
> This assignment counts as 15% of your total course grade
The Project/Challenge:
The year is 830 CE, you are the designer and head of a manuscript workshop in
Baghdad living during the time of the seventh Abbasid Caliph Al-Mamun (r. 813-833).
The caliph has announced that he wants to commission a deluxe illustrated manuscript
that traces the history and accomplishments of the Abbasid dynasty from its foundation
in 750 CE up through his reign. Caliph Al-Mamun has requested proposals from all of
the manuscript workshops in the Abbasid territories.
Highlights of the period noted above (particularly during the reigns of caliphs Al-Mansur,
Al-Mahdi, and Harun al-Rashid) will include the Abbasid triumphs in battle, diplomatic
exchanges with other countries, architectural and artistic accomplishments,
technological advances, and the establishment and promotion of religious, educational,
and cultural institutions.
This job comes with great riches and prestige and YOU WANT THE JOB! Compose a
well-composed proposal in essay format (not as a list with bullet points) with a cover
page and address it to Caliph Al-Mamun.
This formatting of this proposal should be as follows:
> 500-550 words in length (500 words minimum!)
> one inch margins on all sides of the page
> 12 point font maximum in an easy to read font like Arial or Times New Roman
> double-spaced text
> make sure to carefully edit your work and convey your ideas clearly and concisely,
taking the reader logically from one point to the next.
> proofread your proposal before summiting taking care to check for correct format,
content, grammar, and spelling.
Incorporate the answers to all of the following questions in your proposal
(reminder, this proposal should be in essay format ):
1) Why is this project important to you and your team and why should the Caliph give
you the job instead of another workshop?
2) What will be the overall size (dimensions) of the manuscript?
3) Will the manuscript pages be comprised of parchment or paper (the recently
introduced new material), and why have you selected this material?
4) What style or combination of styles of Arabic calligraphy will be used for the text of
the manuscript?
5) What materials will you use for the calligraphy and illustrations (example: will you use
rare pigments and real gold to embellish the pages?).
6) How many illustrations will you include with the manuscript?
7) Describe a few of the most important historical episodes and cultural achievements of
the Abbasid dynasty that you would illustrate and include in the manuscript.
8) What will the manuscript cover (binding) look like and what will it be made of?
Extra Credit
At the end of your proposal, include a separate heading “Extra Credit” and answer the
following question:
Select a work of art (architecture, calligraphy, manuscript painting, textile, decorative
art) studied this semester that was one of your favorites. In one or two clearly written
sentences, tell me why you found it so interesting, well designed, strange, beautiful, etc.

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