Week 5 – Assignment: Evaluate a Paraeducator

//Week 5 – Assignment: Evaluate a Paraeducator

Week 5 – Assignment: Evaluate a Paraeducator

Week 5 – Assignment: Evaluate a Paraeducator


For this assignment, if possible, observe and evaluate a paraeducator, conducting the observation using a current evaluation form from a school or school district. If you are not allowed to utilize a school district’s form, design a simple one like it. (You may appendix the form, blank or completed, to your report.) The evaluation form does not need to be more than one to two pages in length. If at all possible, use the clinical supervision model in which you schedule a pre-conference prior to the observation and a post-conference in which to discuss the lesson(s) observed.
SE-7001 V2: Assessment in Special Education include the following information in your written observation report:

  • Grade Level(s) in which the observed paraeducator works.
  • Disability categories served by the paraeducator.
  • Individual(s) or group(s) with whom the paraeducator works.
  • Materials and technology utilized when teaching the lesson(s) observed.
  • Pre-conference notes on what to expect and watch for during the lesson.
  • Observation notes, focusing on what paraeducator did and how students responded, free of interpretation at this point.
  • Post-conference notes, including strengths and areas in need of work that were observed.
  • Reflection: What did you learn about observing/evaluating paraeducators from this experience?

If it is not possible for you to interview and conduct a clinical supervision (pre-conference, observation, post-conference) of a paraeducator, write a paper in which you make recommendations for conducting a clinical supervision observation of a paraprofessional, designing an observation form and addressing the last four components above.

Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages
References: Minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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