Week 4 – Assignment: Leading a Diverse Team

//Week 4 – Assignment: Leading a Diverse Team

Week 4 – Assignment: Leading a Diverse Team

Week 4 – Assignment: Leading a Diverse Team


In Week 3, you studied the matrix structure. One very popular use of the matrix structure is in the implementation of a project management team, where a project manager is assigned to lead a team made up of personnel from different divisions, sections, and departments of an organization. For this week’s assignment, you have been assigned the job of leading such a team. You are the Vice President of North American manufacturing for XYZ Fixture Company, a major manufacturer of kitchen and Bathroom fixtures. The company has manufacturing and sales operations in North American, Europe and China (with sales operations also on Japan and South Korea). The CEO of XYZ is concerned about inefficiencies at many of the firm’s manufacturing operations and a lack of coordination with the sales operations. You have been tasked with leading a team with 20 representatives from all the units around the world to come up with solutions to deal with these issues. You know this is not an easy assignment. You will literally have team member located in almost every different time zone around the world, coming from many different cultural backgrounds. All 20 representatives speak English, but with varying levels of proficiency. Even the corporate culture within the XYZ operational units vary significantly between Asia, North America, and Europe. You recently had a video conference with top managers of the Chinese Manufacturing and they were taken aback by your Casual Friday attire.  One of your main objectives must be to create a culture of cooperation among all these varied representatives.

The CEO is aware of these issues and has some expertise herself in that area, so she wants to want to meet with you to discuss the planning of the team. Before that meeting, she would like a report from you.

In that report, she wants you to discuss at least five (5) challenges you foresee in the implementation of this project team and additionally discuss your strategy for dealing which each of the difficulties. One of the important aspects of this report is creating a list of difficulties and solutions that logically and effectively present your ideas to leadership. You want to show your CEO that you clearly know the issues and have the know-how it takes to effectively lead this project.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of two (2) scholarly resources and the resources provided this week.


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