We are seeing video continue to rise as a mode of expository expression.

We are seeing video continue to rise as a mode of expository expression.

We are seeing video continue to rise as a mode of expository expression. From crafted documentaries to podcasts, vlogging communities to video conferencing, writing/thinking/speaking via video is increasingly a skill set many people possess or need to possess in today’s culture (for both personal and professional benefit). To this end, this assignment asks students to familiarize themselves with video blogging as a way of engaging course content, practices, and ideologies.

These posts are meant to offer genuine engagements—to be reflections, critiques, or creative responses to any number of rhetoric, play, or game related issues. As such, these are not just opportunities for students to tell us how well they like a particular game or how much they dislike a design. Rather, these are more on the analysis-to-argument spectrum in that there is an expectation in these assignments that students have put in some thought to the content and focus of the vlog before doing the recording.

As a kind of set of starting points, students might consider any one of the following prompts for their blogs:

In what ways do course readings X and Y (and/or Z) connect, and how might we use those connections to make sense of this class or other classes, or our course game or other games?
How do you understand the concept of play? How does this fit with readings and/or definitions from the class?
Take one concept from class discussions (e.g., game mechanics or game skins) and talk about this concept in some depth, exploring it in relation to common games.
Explore a current issue or trend in the gaming industry. Tell us what that issue is, where it is coming from, what is it’s impetus, and/or why is it important?
Look into the connection between games and narrative (exploring games as narratology), and offer some insight in relation to this pairing (and support these insights).
How is transmediation (games to movies, movies to games, books to games, books to movies to games, etc.) impacting the gaming industry? Or, in this same line, offer an exposition on a particular artifact that has manifested in multiple formats (i.e., What happens to Lara Croft once she is portrayed by Angelina Jolie?)
These questions and prompts are by no means an exhaustive list. Rather, they are meant as just a few among the many kinds of inquiries and engagements students might pursue for vlog posts.

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