Watch this TED talk from Dreck Sivers: Weird or just different.

Watch this TED talk from Dreck Sivers: Weird or just different.


1. Watch this TED talk from Dreck Sivers: Weird or just different.

a. What lesson about cultural difference can you learn from this short talk?

b. Please find list your own example of different habit or custom from the US either from a culture you are from or a country you travel or something you find using google search (be sure at least to get it from two sources). Cite your sources please.

2. Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory

a. In your own words briefly define the 6 dimensions of Hofstede cultural scale

b. What does this mean culture exist only by comparison? (again use your OWN words to reply). Imagine someone who has no accessed tv or books or the internet and who has never travel outside his country, or event his region or even the city where he or she was born, explain to him what culture means?

c. Please select two countries of your choosing (be sure to report that information) and explain how they differ on the 5 dimensions (please select countries that offer different scores, and report those score) then explain how would this impact a negotiation with 2 people from those country

3. Read this article: The two sides of diversity

a. Explain in your own words what this means per the article” immigration and diversity have long term benefits and short term hurdles.

b. What would you tell to Ali’s parents (please take into consideration their culture) to address the issue?

c. What does the article recommend for improving teachers’ inter-cultural communication? What would you recommend?

4. Answer: Tell us what cultures have your grown from (think both where you grew up and your family heritage and origins). What do your values predict about you as a negotiator?

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