Unit 4 Essay: Geography and History of Ancient Civilizations

//Unit 4 Essay: Geography and History of Ancient Civilizations

Unit 4 Essay: Geography and History of Ancient Civilizations

Unit 4 Essay: Geography and History of Ancient Civilizations
It is perhaps not surprising that agriculture and the earliest cities did not first arise in the Arctic Circle or the Siberian tundra, but rather in Mesopotamia, which had the mild climate and other resources to allow crops and people to flourish. In this paper, you will largely rely on maps of ancient civilizations in order to propose a more detailed argument about the relationship of geography and history.
Please consider the following questions in your essay:
How have geographical features of particular places influenced the history of these places?
What historical developments would not have been as likely to happen in a particular location, were it not for specific geographical features in that location?
How does geography influence the spread of empires?
For this paper, please use the maps of different civilizations found in your course textbook and eCore course materials to answer these questions about at least TWO different civilizations/empires that are covered in this class. (note: it may be helpful to refer to the full version of the textbook linked in your syllabus)
You have two options in completing this assignment:
Option 1: you could write a traditional paper responding to the above questions.
Option 2 (CREATIVE ASSIGNMENT!): You could respond to the above questions in character, from the perspective of a conqueror/military leader from a region of your choice.
Regardless of the option that you select, please make sure that your essay has a clear introduction with a thesis statement/argument, body paragraphs that use specific examples to prove aspects of your thesis statement, and a conclusion that considers the big-picture implications of your argument for the study of history and geography of ancient civilizations. Refer to the “Guidelines for Writing Your Essay” found in your course syllabus.

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