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The manner in which Beowulf’s burial is conducted is in line with the Greece culture portrayed in The Lliad.Hector’s burial is given maximum attention since it marks the melting of Achilles’ crucial age. A spectacular funeral is given to the mighty Trojan, one that would be celebrated after a similar spectacular fight over his corpse. The warrior Patroclus is shown great honor in his funeral and as a matter of fact, games are played in honor and remembrance of his heroism. Generally, the play portrays a culture that views burial as a basic requirement for the soul to rest in peace and a medium to appease with dead heroes.

The Trojan Women takes almost a similar plot of leadership as seen in Beowulf’s kingdom. It sees women of Troy rise up for greatness after their husbands have been killed and their city sacked. Four women with different personalities try to fight for their lives but are finally taken as captives to Odysseus.

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