Students are required to complete a research paper on an organizational behavior topic addressing one of the topics listed below.

Students are required to complete a research paper on an organizational behavior topic addressing one of the topics listed below.

Research Component/Research Paper (20 Total Points)

Students are required to complete a research paper on an organizational behavior topic addressing one of the topics listed below.  Use the APA Style Manual format and follow instructions under Course Materials.

Grading Criteria for the Paper:

A grading rubric will be used to assess research papers.  The following criteria (with associated point values (20 possible points)) will be used to guide the grading of the research papers:

  1. Content, Discussion, & Integration of Original Thinking                 (Possible 8 points)
  2. Organization and Structure (Possible 3 points)
  3. Formatting (Possible 3 points)
  4. Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling (Possible 3 points)
  5. Appropriate Sources/Resources Cited (Possible 3 points)

Total Possible Points (20)


  1. The paper must be between 2,000 and 2,500 words, double spaced, using 12 pt. font. The paper must also follow APA guidelines (with the exceptions noted below: No Title Page or Abstract is required)
  2. Papers must be posted in Blackboard AND emailed to the instructor by the deadline listed in the course schedule that accompanies this syllabus. NOTE:  Students should run the paper through Turnitin to verify that the paper reflects an appropriate degree of originality (i.e., the “similarity” percentage should be less than 20%) prior to submitting/posting the paper to Blackboard and emailing it to the instructor for grading.
  3. The paper must include a reference section, and appropriately cite (using APA guidelines) a minimum of 10 outside resources, including peer-reviewed journal articles and other credible sources. Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable source for the purpose of this paper.  The Troy University Library (see “Helpful Resources” tab, then “Learning Resource” tab) has excellent databases for you to access literature for your paper.  (I typically use the “ABI/Inform” database for most of my research)
  4. The format for the paper should be as follows:

At the top, left corner of page 1 of the paper, please include the following information, in this format (PLEASE DO NOT USE A TITLE PAGE)


Email Address(es)

Course Number


Paper Title

Section 1: Introduction-A summary of what you plan to address or cover in the paper.

Section 2: Literature Review-A summary of key articles related to the topic

-An overview of the concept, including definitions

-Major factors in the workplace that are related to the topic

Section 3: Practical Implications

-What can leaders/organizations do to enhance/increase/improve in regard to the concept you chose?  It is important that students provide justification for suggestions offered in this section.  (For example, if you choose to write about Organizational Citizenship Behavior, describe/suggest strategies that leaders can undertake to improve the likelihood that employees will exhibit Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in the workplace.  Again, these suggestions should be justified, and, if possible, supported by outside literature sources/research)

Section 4: Conclusion-A synopsis of the paper and any concluding remarks.

Section 5:  Reference Section (All works cited in the paper should be listed in this section and should follow appropriate APA format guidelines)  

  1. Papers should reflect a clear understanding of the chosen topic. Plagiarism, or simply copying content from journal articles and other outside sources will not be accepted.  Instead, students should read the articles and content in other outside sources, and then summarize the essence or meaning in their own words (i.e., paraphrase).
  2. Information and details regarding APA guidelines can be found under the “Learning Resources” tab within the “Helpful Resources” tab in the Blackboard course shell.

Topics for the Research Paper must be selected from the following list:

  1. Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  2. Perceived Organizational Support
  3. Interpersonal Trust in the Workplace


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