(Solved) Intro to Microeconomics Writing Assignment

//(Solved) Intro to Microeconomics Writing Assignment

(Solved) Intro to Microeconomics Writing Assignment

Intro to Microeconomics Writing Assignment


Due: 5/14th

Hand in on blackboard and in class

The main goal of this paper is to apply the topics we discussed in class to real world events:

Length: 4-5 pages

Font: Times New Roman

Size: 12


You need to pick a world event and write how it will affect consumers and producers using the methods we discussed on class. An ideal paper would introduce the event, how it began, any necessary information needed to understand it. This should be followed by a description of what happened along with how the initial results played out. Then you should use the material discussed in class to predict how it would affect consumers and producers in the short/long run. This can be anything, but a good paper might discuss what would happen to substitute/complement goods or industry, how individual firms would be affected, and how consumers would be affected.


You might also write about how you would address an issue or problem in an industry with policy. This could be trying to lower pollution or convincing people to use electric cars. You would have to write about how your solution would solve the problem and some side effects of the policy. This might be increasing taxes on gas cars would lower the demand for gas vehicles and might increase unemployment, but we would have cleaner air. I you have any questions, please ask me.


Please cite all sources using APA style, this includes in paper citations.


I will be using anti plagiarism software so please don’t steal someone’s work, adhere to code of conduct laid out in the Lehman college hand book. If I catch anyone cheating, I will give you a grade of zero and report you to the head of the department.


I will be evaluating your papers on how well you motivate your reasoning about what will happen due to the event. Any evidence for relationships between events would help you position as well as your paper.


Link for helpful outline suggestions and tips on how to write a good paper:


Good news sites for articles:




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