read the article :

//read the article :

read the article :

read the article :

Watch the video ” DON’T PANIC — Hans Rosling showing the facts about population” :

Write your response to the following questions by numbering each response to each question :

1- Which pillar from the “Three Pillar Model” of Sustainability do you feel more comfortable exploring, or reading about, or talking about? Why do you think you “lean” more towards that pillar than the others?

2- How might who we are and where we come from influence our attitudes about sustainability (or how we see the world in general)? Why do you think that?

3- According to Diamond (in Gladwell), how do societies ‘choose’ to fail? What is it that they do that leads them to fail? (Hint: talk about “ecocide” in your response). Do you agree with this idea or do you have a different perspective?

4- What did you think of “Don’t Panic”? Do you feel as optimistic about the world as Hans Rosling does? Why do you feel like that?

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