(Solved) Movie Worksheet: The Whistleblower

//(Solved) Movie Worksheet: The Whistleblower

(Solved) Movie Worksheet: The Whistleblower

Movie Worksheet: The Whistleblower
1. What is the issue, at the core of this film?
2. Is there another less important conflict, often referred to as a subplot, which
helps drive the story? If so, describe that conflict and who is involved in it.
3. The protagonist took certain steps to deal with the problem. What were the
ethics of doing nothing?
4. What were the risks of making information about the problem, public?
5. How did this person make the information public? What was the outcome?
6. In your view, do the actions of whistleblowers help or hurt society? Explain.
7. What was UN’s response to this film?
8. What is the status of the organization Democra (DynCorp) that wronged the
protagonist, today? Is it in operation or bankrupt?
9. Does this film reinforce your trust in the United Nations?

Your initial post (answering the topic questions) should have a minimum of 500 words.
While writing the posts keep in mind, in some cases, there may not be a “right answer,” but rather a viewpoint or interpretation.
Review the role of United Nations in the popular media film The Whistleblower. Research this film, read the questions in the Movie Worksheet and then craft your response.

Please avoid detailing the mechanics (storyline) of the movie. I am looking for your original thoughts and views. Be sure to write “Movie Review” in the subject line of your post.


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