Make Journal Entries for 1-7. A news letter or research paper for 8.

//Make Journal Entries for 1-7. A news letter or research paper for 8.

Make Journal Entries for 1-7. A news letter or research paper for 8.

Make Journal Entries for 1-7. A news letter or research paper for 8.

Make Journal Entries for 1-7. Do a newsletter or research paper for 8

  • Music from the medieval era is part of a larger classification known as “early music,” even though the era starts around the year 450 AD.Coming before early music and the medieval era, there was also prehistoric or primitive music and ancient music.


  • What do you think these time periods would have been like?
  • What would you imagine music to be like prior to the Medieval era?
  • If music notation only got its beginning during the Medieval era, how do you think music was shared?
  • Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo are both well-known artists from the Renaissance era, and were the inspiration for the term “Renaissance Man.”


  • What do you think this term refers to in general, and do you think it can apply to music as well?


  • The word Baroque loosely translated means bizarre, and typically describes something that is ornate, decorated, elaborate, and exaggerated.


  • Think of something in your life today that reminds you of the Baroque era—music, art, architecture, etc.


  • What characteristics does it have that that make you think it may have Baroque origins?
  • During the Classical era, music was not being written specifically for the church as much as in previous eras.
  • How do you think this affected the music composed?
  • Do you think the general public had more or less access to the music being written during the Classical era?


  • Music from the Romantic era was most well-known for its ability to express emotion.Think of a song you know well that expresses some kind of emotion.


  • What emotion(s) is it, and what techniques are used by the composer/performer to convey that emotion?
  • Judging by what you know about twentieth century history.


  • How do you think people responded to the changes brought to the music of this era?


Composers were using traditional techniques from the Classical and Romantic eras, using sounds and ideas from other countries, and creating new techniques like minimalism.


  • How do you think people reacted to these various musical styles?How would you have reacted?
  • Journal: Time Period Reflection

Choose one of the time periods studied so far:

  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Baroque
  • Classical
  • Romantic
  • Modern

1) Decide which time period you feel had the most influence on today’s world.

  • Describe how the time period’s music impacted society, music, careers, and family life.


  • Do you like the music from that time period? Why or not?
  • What do you think are the differences between popular music and other traditional music being composed in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries?
  • Has this separation existed through other musical eras?
  • Do you think one type of music, popular versus traditional; has more validity than the other?
  • Project: Popular Music Presentation

Research your favorite musician or musical artist of today. Create a presentation that shares what you’ve learned. Research birthplace and childhood influences along the way that led to the artists’ career, accomplishments, and any other interesting trivia. Use the Internet to aid in your search, but be sure to cite your sources.

Your presentation may be in any one of the following forms:


  1. Informational newsletter: Pretend that you are honoring your chosen artist and will create a handout for an audience to receive at a live awards dinner so they can read all about the artist.


  1. Research paper: Create a written research paper that shares your findings.


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