In the book “1984, there were four ministries

//In the book “1984, there were four ministries

In the book “1984, there were four ministries

I have to a specific outline to follow:

Outline: 1984

Topic: The Ministry of Love

In the book “1984, there were four ministries. These ministries were apart of the governmental apparatus in the city of Oceania. The four ministries of the novel are Love, Peace Plenty and Truth. The Ministry of Love serves as one of Oceania’s ministry. It imposes loyalty to big brother threw security, fear, and brainwashing. A place of repulsive and file affairs. “ The place where there is no darkness” is how the people of Oceania referred to it.

1st paragraph
a. 4 Ministries and there comparisons
b. The place that was like jail for the
c. The purposes of the ministries

2nd paragraph:
The author’s meaning
Explaining Big brother and how it is connected with the ministry
How the double think and the thought police can lead them to center.

3rd Paragraph:
1984 Vs 2018
Emmanuel Goldstein & Donald Trump
Comparing similarities between then and now and what we are living in 2018

4th paragraph:

Final paragraph ; Conclusion

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