(Done Paper)

//(Done Paper)

(Done Paper)

Dear writer:


Please choose a museum/site of analysis:


  1. Ideas to get your started:


I have been to a Museum called “The Broad” in Downtown Los Angles, You may write about it or find another Museum around my living area—- Santa Barbara or LA.


  1. The UCSB Art Museum
  2. Santa Barbara Museum of Art


iii. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

  1. Reagan Ranch Center
  2. Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
  3. Santa Barbara Historical Museum

vii. Carriage & Western Art Museum

viii. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center

  1. Santa Barbara Surfing Museum
  2. Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum
  3. Old Spanish Days Carriage Museum

xii. Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

xiii. Others that you can find!

  1. Attend and Observe: Attend a non-sexuality museum. How do you see sex/sexuality and how is it hidden?


  1. Take notes. Questions to consider:

i.Where is the museum?

  1. How much does the museum cost?

iii. Is there an intended audience for the museum? (kids, adults, a certain group of people)

  1. Does the museum have any warning signs?
  2. What exhibits does the museum offer? How does the museum frame/introduce/describe the exhibits?
  3. What artifacts does the museum offer? How does the museum frame/introduce/describe these artifacts?

vii. What topics is the museum addressing?

viii. Are people represented at the museum? If so, how? Which people? What are the politics of these representations?

  1. What does an intersectional analysis of the museum/exhbits reveal? How are race, gender, sex and class represented (or not)?
  2. How does sex inform the museum’s organization and exhbit?
  3. Does the museum reflect a heteronormative perspective? A Patriarchal perspective? A white-centered perspective?
  4. Reimagine: How would you reimagine the museum/exhibits?
  5. Based on your observations of the objects on display and the exhibit, brainstorm  how could you reimagine the museum to centralize a theme of sexuality studies
  6. (themes could include: the social construction of sexual identity, the sexual double standard, reproductive rights, erotic autonomy, racialized sexuality, BDSM, the relation of the nation and sexuality etc.)
  7. Ex: How could you reimagine a surgeon’s museum as a BDSM museum?
  8. Connect to Text:
  9. Identify 1-2 concepts from Tyburczy’s Sex Museums to use as you analyze and re-think your muesum
  10. Take notes on these concepts
  11. Apply these concepts to your analysis


  1. Re-design: Sketch your re-designed museum
  2. Sketch your reimagined space centering sex/uality, introducing your new theme in sexuality studies
  3. Explain your changes

a.Using the above activities, describe why and how you changed the museum to centralize sex using concepts from Sex Museums


Reminder of assignment:

with layout sketch and photos or drawings

Students will attend a non-sexuality museum or a museum that does not claim sex and sexuality as its primary curatorial emphasis and reimagine the exhibition or the artifacts on display to centralize an urgent theme in sexuality studies. Students should provide a layout, visuals, and a rationale for the importance and cultural value of the exhibit as well as a wall text and explanatory texts for each of the objects. Students should also be able to demonstrate how they have adapted the space to accommodate their new theme or topic.





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