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Hello Eliane,

Thank you for your post about how innovation in technology is changing the marketing strategy of eBay, Amazon and Google. Competition is increasing, therefore, businesses like Amazon, eBay and Google have to be more aggressive in their marketing strategies. Streaming videos is not a new technology innovation, but in 2016 the trend of streaming videos is increasing (DeMers, 2016). Thus, I would encourage Amazon and eBay to take more advantage of this technology trend. Improvements made in streaming videos provide customers with a better understanding and more excitement what the new product stands for, and how purchasing the product can satisfy their specific needs and wants.

Dunkin’ Donuts is an example of a company which takes advantage of the benefits streaming videos provide. Last year, Donkin’ Donuts promoted their iced coffee products with a several concert series called DD Summer Soundtrack (Ueland, 2015). They used several media platforms like Instagram and Vine, to promote the iced coffee products.

Conclusively, all businesses can enormously benefit by the benefits streaming videos provides. Consumers can be better engaged through streaming videos and the message can be specified tailored to the consumers’ needs and wants.

DeMers, J. (2016). 5 Upcoming Technologies That Will Change The World Of Content Marketing. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2016/01/21/5-upcoming-technologies-that-will-change-the-world-of-content-marketing/#2d02d724752e

Ueland, S. (2015). 8 Brands That Live Stream Video for Innovative Marketing. Retrieved from http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/91805-8-Brands-That-Live-Stream-Video-for-Innovative-Marketing

Hello Shawn, Thank you for your thorough analysis of the Home Depot App, Wells Fargo App and Geico App. Like you, I am a big proponent of Wells Fargo App. It is very convenient, and suits my special needs. I currently live in Germany but do most of my banking business in the United States with Wells Fargo. I think that they have an exceptional customer’s service which suits most of my needs and wants.

However, I have one suggestion which would dramatically improve the customer service experience. Wells Fargo has no bank location in Germany, therefore, I have to send all my checks to Wells Fargo from Germany to the USA to have them deposit. It is a very long process and sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks till my check arrives and is deposited in the USA. Spenner and Freeman (2012) state that the key to good customer service is simplicity. Therefore, if they use the power of technology to make the deposit process easier, and specifically focus on expanding internationally their business, it would create an even bigger customer satisfaction. They could create an easier deposit process for international customer by using an app which makes you be able to deposit through the camera or scanner option of the phone. Furthermore, if the expand their business location, customers could always go physically to the location.


Spenner, P., & Freeman, K. (2012). To keep your customers, keep it simple. Harvard Business Review, 90(5), 108–114.

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