(Done Paper) SOC 210: Introduction to Sociology: Online Paper Assignment: Connecting Biography with History

(Done Paper) SOC 210: Introduction to Sociology: Online Paper Assignment: Connecting Biography with History

SOC 210: Introduction to Sociology: Online

Paper Assignment: Connecting Biography with History

Due Date: Thursday, October 18th by 11:59pm

Related Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will apply the sociological imagination to contemporary social issues.

1a.) Identify the link between individual (micro) experiences and social (macro) structures.

1b.) Locate the role of power in shaping macro and micro outcomes.

1c.) Recognize historical and cultural variations in the relationship between macro and micro.

1d.) Understand the sociological perspective.



The concept of the sociological imagination (not to be confused with the symbolic-interaction approach) is one of the most important ideas in sociology. For this paper, you will explain what the sociological imagination is and its origin. Then, you will explain an event or problem in detail that has happened to you (or someone you know) recently. What are some larger social and historical reasons that explain why this may have happened to you? How might you design the structure of society differently? How might you create your own version of a utopia as related to the theme of your paper?


Paper Parts:

Comprehend Theory:

Define and discuss the sociological imagination by C. Wright Mills, the term utopia, and any other course terms you use. This information is in the slides and in the textbook. (You must make sure to cite either the slides or textbook for ideas, even if you write it in your own words. There also must be a citation on the works cited page.)


Brief Summary:

You will give a brief overview of the true event or problem that happened to you or someone you know. This should be at least a large paragraph.



In this section, you will relate how you think that larger social forces or historical patterns help to explain this event or problem. How do structures in society impact individual people’s lives? Support from a news article or journal article will help strengthen your argument here. (Remember to cite for ideas and/or direct quotations and put a citation in your paper, as well as a line in your works cited page.)



How might you design society differently by changing laws, institutions, organizations, etc. to create your utopia as related to the topic of your paper? This does not have to be the same as what I would view as a utopia. However, you need to explain and justify how the changes you would make to the structure of society would make it better.


The specific requirements for the paper are included on the rubric online.



Plagiarism is a serious offense, and you will receive a “0” on the paper and will be referred to the dean. You may even receive an “F” in the course.  Please, review the syllabus for more information on plagiarism. You can take your paper to the ILC for help with both citing and grammar. I recommend that you do.


For this paper, you must use MLA or APA style. Both of these styles include both citations and a works cited page. For this paper, you must cite your textbook, the news or journal article, and any other sources you use for language or ideas.


While I highly recommend you getting a MLA or APA handbook, the Owl at Purdue website has basic information. You will need to view the pages on MLA Formatting and Style Guide, MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics, MLA Formatting Quotations., and the MLA Works Cited: Books.


This link will take you to a website on MLA style, Owl at Purdue.



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