(Done Paper) PSY 7106 WEEK 12 Signature Assignment

(Done Paper) PSY 7106 WEEK 12 Signature Assignment

Week 12:

Signature Assignment

In this assignment you will demonstrate the knowledge and skills that you developed throughout this course to complete the Signature Assignment in which you will describe the development and evaluation of an instrument.


All resources for this week:

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Assignment Title

Design a Research Survey Tool that Utilizes a Quantitative Design

Assignment Points


Assignment Instructions

This week, complete your Signature Assignment, which will require you to design a research survey tool that utilizes a quantitative design.

Be sure your Signature Assignment will include the following parts:

  1. Introduction (3-4 pages)
  2. a) Describe the construct under examination. Explain why it is important to examine it and the consequences of not doing so. Include a minimum of three citations to relevant scholarly sources.
  3. Method (3 pages)
  4. a) Describe the participants, instrument, and procedure used to construct the instrument.
  5. Steps (3 pages)
  6. a) Assume a factor analysis has been completed and the instrument has been developed, assess the reliability and validity. Discuss the steps that you should take to assess the reliability and validity of the instrument.
  7. b) Describe the steps that should be taken to avoid bias.
  8. c) Describe the steps that should be taken to ensure that ethical guidelines are followed.
  9. Issues (2 pages)
  10. a) Describe administration issues that you must overcome.
  11. Results (3 pages)
  12. a) Describe the types of analysis you would use and suggest what results likely would be seen.
  13. Discussion (2-3 pages)
  14. a) Evaluate the properties of the instrument, how you would revise or improve it, and recommendations for further study of the instrument.
  15. Reference List
  16. a) Include at least 10 scholarly sources in your paper.
  17. Appendix
  18. a) Include the actual measure in the appendix of the paper.
  19. b) Scholarly rationale for not including faculty feedback into your assignment (if applicable).

Note: In this assignment, you will integrate your faculty’s feedback from your Week 8 Assignment OR provide a scholarly rationale for why you did not integrate it on a separate sheet of paper to be included in the appendix of the Signature Assignment.

Length: 16-18 pages (not including reference list or appendix)

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to the topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be careful to adhere to Northcentral’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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Course Learning Outcomes associated with this assignment:

1.0. Identify the types of quantitative research design.

2.0. Apply quantitative research methods to your identified research problem and evaluating methods usage in research.

3.0. Analyze ethics in quantitative research.

4.0. Examine validity and threats to validity in quantitative designs.

5.0. Evaluate aspects of quantitative designs.

6.0. Compare the roles of sampling techniques in quantitative designs.

7.0. Identify the different sampling methods used in quantitative research.

8.0. Design a research survey tool that utilizes a quantitative design.


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