(Done Paper) Leadership Capstone

(Done Paper) Leadership Capstone

Choose one leadership article of interest (your choice) to discuss in the discussion board.
Include the following:
1) full, accurate APA citation of the article.
2) brief summary of the key points of the article in your own words (you may quote portions of the article, but cite properly and do not rely on someone else’s description/abstract … I want your words).
3) explanation of why you chose this article (Why did it intrigue you? Is it something you particularly agree with? Disagree with? Why/Why not?)
This DB only: One citation required in your primary posting (i.e., the citation for this article). Be sure to review the citation requirements for all future db entries.
This DB only: Only two peer responses required.
NOTE TO RESPONDERS: If you make a point in your peer responses, you should still support that point/opinion with citations/references if at all possible.
This DB: You will click to Create a New Thread.
Note: If you’ve purchased the recommended texts, you can use any article from either text for your “student’s choice” discussion topic. If you chose not to purchase the recommended texts, that’s fine. You can search for an article using Steely Library’s article search tools. Again — no stress. “Student’s choice” is just that — your choice. You pick the article/topic. I ask only that it is a reputable article, well-supported and reliable.

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