(Done Paper) Instructions-  please make it sound as the Victim I have been and make it sound like I am going through a Depresion- anxiety- PTSD – and convincing

//(Done Paper) Instructions-  please make it sound as the Victim I have been and make it sound like I am going through a Depresion- anxiety- PTSD – and convincing

(Done Paper) Instructions-  please make it sound as the Victim I have been and make it sound like I am going through a Depresion- anxiety- PTSD – and convincing

Instructions-  please make it sound as the Victim I have been and make it sound like I am going through a Depresion- anxiety- PTSD – and convincing as can be please



This is the unfair conditions I have experience at San Dimas Community hospital will be covering 2 years ago we got reprimanded for temperatures that where not up to standard and the problems still exist on 07/14/2015 I had asked for help doing a three person job no one to assist me and continuously asking for help especially in the condition I was in I was denied and previous employees had resigned before me or transferred named Aledras and Anthony

On 07/15/2015 a tech called off we had wall to wall of loaner instruments and instruments needed for following Monday surgery cases I was promised help per my new director Linda when I received help it was only for one hr from an employee named Bertha when her hr. came up to leave me Linda my director came in and she sarcastically came in to Department of central/ services and she stated how hot it was I replied yes it is very unbearable  I asked  her where Is my help she stated your little blondie friend left  you and your other little friend left to the GI  and you’re other little friend called off as she walked out she stated have a summers eave in central Services and she also said to” keep telling myself that I love my job”

Every day has been intolerable criticizes on us in our Department of Central Services Vicky an employee gets Tainted Day to day basis on how she doesn’t know what she is doing we during her training time there.

We do not take all our breaks because of the work load that is given to us on a day to day basis because we are constant being threaten with our job

I have worked with constant chronic pain on a daily basis wearing knee brace wearing back brace and on constant pain medication that have been issued to me by my Doctors.

On 07/18/2017 my only chair that I have had for many years that was missing should I say taken away from my work space My Previous director and employees was aware of my condition until this  new director Linda came on board and she started implementing changes and having a hostile work environment towards me and other employees they all know that I cannot stand for a long periods of time I have a workman’s comp case open I am awaiting several surgery and this has been address to Linda my director and again no empathy or any kind. We sometimes have to sit while assembling trays she had got rid of the chairs without saying anything later came in to the Dept. and asked she said to asked her why she got rid of the chair and she was asked by me why did you get rid of the chair and she stated it was fabric and to old and since then no replacement of any chair has been replace. Knowing my condition.


On 07/26/2015 a comment was made about Vicky leaving for orientation in Central Services Leann a nurse was replacing Vicky for the last three work days for Vicky I came in today and the same packet that we did last Friday I just asked LeAnn if she was helping in C/S she replied do I want to do Vicky’s packet I said no. being that she assigned in Central services.

On 07/26/2015 Linda my director met with me and Vicky and Sai she then told me that we would be doing Vicky’s orientation and she was not competent

Linda came in later that moment to Central Services again and states that Vicky has no training Vicky has no experience and not qualified to do this job and that she cannot be out of here today and that she could get her peeps in there and I replied I like the yellow peeps she replied not those kind of peeps people that can do our jobs as she was walking out she looked back at me and said do you all know what I mean Chili bean

Continuing- Linda   also had a nurse go over a competency packet for me and her knowing that I have been a training preceptor for over 20 years I have had a perfect evaluations through my 26 years of serving this hospital

Linda has made comments such I am very hormonal and drastic mood swings Linda had asked me if I had been certified and she would give me a year to be certified I replied that prime health care does not required to be certified. And she replied that she would make sure Human Resource can make a policy that it would be mandatory to us still creating a hostile work environment

on the beginning of January of 2017 this year Human resource Manager Elena Mayo called me to human resource office so we can discuss my Drs. notes No restrictions notices she state that it was not valid since the Doctor was not a qualified QME (QUALIFIED MEDICAL EVALUATOR) Doctor   so she was going by what my original QME based on four years ago not my present Restrictions human resource Human resource stated that she would have to hold on a panel  with my director &safety officer infection control and that she felt like I would be a liability then a week later Human resource held a panel with my job description Human resource director felt that I could no longer hold my job I was told to think outside box I was then asked what I felt that I could do I responded all departments in reference to perform all departments like I have been carrying out to do. I have been on another assignment while apparently performing paper work organizing files ordering supplies orders for surgery outside my job description and putting supplies in its prospective areas there allot of light duties that can be perform that the Director can direct me to do the Director has be bias with me since the beginning she shouted out a point that you are not certified she stated and just belittling me

in the last five years where my medical issues have really hindered me my two previous Directors have really gone above and beyond to assist the department outside their job description assisting the department amazingly wow after they have left no staff apparently was available for me I asked if I can contact Registry for help and the Director stated we do not do that but now there is Registry assisting and a nurse doing my job.

On March I was due for my job evaluation performance which I will not receive because of this hostile work environment and bias behavior and discriminatory actions

I have gone to my Doctors Dr. Esparza and told him about my anxiety attacks the lack of sleep the tenseness and the PTSD that is happening to me and my eyes jerking and this emotional distress and lack of eating and back chronic pain and is has really been a night mare.


I know many Doctors that I have worked with closely and cannot believe this is the type of behavior that this Hospital has been putting me through.


The human resource Elena Mayo also stated to me that if I and Linda had hit it off from the beginning maybe things would had been different so my reply was than this was personal then right. She came back to me stating you should talk to your attorney I told her I was feeling harassed I will talk to an attorney I replied I feel I have been a victim of discrimination of my race and disabilities

On 02/17/2017 at 0830 hrs. Estela Mayo asked if I could go to her office she said that today would be my last day to gather my things and they would out my 8hrs I replied the notice you have given me stated on 02/23/2017 was my last day of work she stated oh let me see check the letter then said she had two accommodations for me at the PBX private branch exchanger known for a telephone operator oh sarcastically stated oh but you would not be within your restrictions because of your carpal tunnel fine manipulation so that would not work for  you requirement of typing 90 words per minute sarcastically stating so she continued with the description of the first job and she stated that the position would be part time flexible hrs. Plus a cut in pay cut in benefits and the cost of benefits would be higher. She asked me to make a decision and to let her k now so we can do the transfer today I asked if I can get a copy of the job description so that I can go over it and have some time to decide she gave me till Monday and she also asked if I got a hold of unemployment sarcastically making me feel so sad and depress and overwhelmed as if I was an immoral and she also asked if I got a hold of unemployment yet to see how much they pay I replied that maybe another hospital located in Montclair where willing to accommodate me a sister hospital  I also will like to make note that Linda had it  in for me since she began working for the hospital she looked at my scheduled and asked me why I was coming in odd hrs and I replied and told her that I was coming in odd hrs because of the flexibility I was given by my formal director in meeting business needs not because I was late and another time she wrote me up was I came in late state and I was never there so how can she write me up when I was never there




I have been a loyal hard working team player never once I had been written up and I have display loyalty through integrity generate discussions others will not I have praise my peers I have dissent and disagree when needed I have given support in public I have shared what they least want to hear. I have never criticize anyone in front of others my 26 years with this company and I have feel like I have been treated so unfairly and unjust


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