(Done Paper) Devil in a Blue Dress (Franklin, 1995, 102 min.)

//(Done Paper) Devil in a Blue Dress (Franklin, 1995, 102 min.)

(Done Paper) Devil in a Blue Dress (Franklin, 1995, 102 min.)


Devil in a Blue Dress (Franklin, 1995, 102 min.)


Write a film review (length 400-550 words)

The first two paragraphs should be BRIEF; the heart of the review is the paragraphs after the first two.

First paragraph (keep brief): Introduction – In the opening of your review, provide some basic information about the film. You may include film’s name, year, director, and major actors, and it should allude to the central concept of the review – whether you like the film, and why.

Second paragraph (keep brief): Plot Summary – Remember that many readers of film reviews have not yet seen the film. While you want to provide some plot summary, keep this brief and avoid specific details that would spoil the viewing for others.

Third paragraph and fourth paragraphs (or more): Formalist Analysis – In order to explain your impression of the film, consider how the film utilizes formal techniques creatively. How do these formal techniques (such as narrative structure, mise-en-scène, cinematography (including lighting), editing, and diegetic and non-diegetic sound) create feeling and meaning? How do the formal techniques work to forward the thematic content?

Last paragraph: Conclusion/Evaluation – The closing of your film review should remind the reader of your general thoughts and impressions of the film. You may also implicitly or explicitly state whether or not you recommend the film. Make sure to remind the reader of why the film is or is not worth seeing.

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