Disability Awareness Project: HUMSVC 127- Mrs. D. Wellington

Disability Awareness Project: HUMSVC 127- Mrs. D. Wellington

Disability Awareness Project: HUMSVC 127- Mrs. D. Wellington

Each student will complete a Disability Awareness Project. The purpose of this project is to develop a greater understanding of specific disabilities/disorders.

Due Date: October 8 (LATE ASSIGNMENTS: 2 pts deducted per day)
FINAL DEADLINE IS to submit Assignments is 7 days from due date

FORMAT: 12 pt. font using Times New Romans, Must be Typed
Articles must be attached and reference page must be included
Requirements: Please Read Chart Below

1. Submit two (2) Articles which Identifies Two Very Different disabilities/ disorders. The articles must relate to the disability/disorder and show the problems associated with living with the disability/disorder.
Ex. PTSD and How it affects families.
Ex. Autism and Employment obstacles for individuals with this disorders
Choose two (2) disorders and other topic of interest you would like to research
2. Create a powerpoint using information from the article. Be sure the slides include information from the two (2) articles you selected
Only options:
Powerpoint slide show
You should have a total of 8- 10 slides, not including the title slide
Must include a least five (5) visual images of your choice, but they must relate to the article you selected. Your power points should be information you learned from the article.
Provide a reference page to show where articles are taken from
10 points
3. Article Summary of Each disorder and other topic related to disorder
Choose two (2) articles from these sources ONLY:
Milwaukee Journal
NY Times, Academic One, Medline, Newstand, Proquest or any accredited publication
Opposing Viewpoints in Context(Social Issues)
Provide a two (2) page summary of EACH article
20 points
4. YouTube Clip of one (1) Disorder
Provide a 2-3 minute YouTube clip of one (1) of the disorders.
List the Youtube in your reference page
5 pts
5. Grammar, followed directions, Reference Page

5 points
TOTAL Points: 45 pts

Disability Awareness Project Overview
Step 1: Submit two professional Journals/ articles which Identifies two different disorders of your choice -must be at least 2 pages in length
Learn more about a specific disorder which you feel will be useful in your professional career as Human Services Practitioners
Step 2: Create visual image (PowerPoint)
Create a powerpoint slide using information based on the article to showcase your research on the disorders you selected.
Step 3: Summary of Two (2) Articles (articles must be 2 pages in length and published by a well-known professional.
Explain what the article is about?
What key points did the article include relating to the disability?
What interested you about the article?
Why did you select this particular article?
How does this information provide a better understanding of the disorder?
Include the title and what disorder and topic is discussed in the article.
Step 4: YouTube Clip Identify one (1) YouTube clips about a disorders you selected.
Step 5: Grammar; Creativity; Followed Directions; Reference page
Edit the project-use 12 pt. font using Times New Romans
Articles must be attached and reference page must be included
Check for grammar and spelling errors
Be sure your powerpoint slides address information you learned in the article?
Follow the directions; include a Reference page
Reference page should not be embedded with powerpoint slides.
Reference page must be submitted with articles summaries
IMPORTANT!!! Also, if you are not clear about this assignment, please discuss your concerns with the instructor and not with other students.

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