Coursework assessment details Learning outcomes assessed

//Coursework assessment details Learning outcomes assessed

Coursework assessment details Learning outcomes assessed

Coursework assessment details
Learning outcomes assessed
1. Analyse the basis of moral reasoning
2. Apply moral reasoning to an ethical dilemma
3. Evaluate and apply the range and complexity of means/ends analysis to practical
business and management situations
4. Analyse and synthesise the role of ethical conformance, corporate governance &
responsibility in providing ethical leadership
5. Analyse and evaluate the common and specific ethical issues for different
managerial functions in business
6. Evaluate the significance of different ideologies for ethical systemic analysis
7. Evaluate and apply ethical reasoning to international business dilemmas
8. Analyse an ethical dilemma
9. Synthesise a number of viewpoints and evaluate their relative significance
10. Apply ethical reasoning to make a defensible decision

A communications manager’s dilemma
FossGen is a newly established energy exploration and production company based in the south of
England. The aim of the company is to identify and exploit unconventional natural sources of
energy, with a particular focus on the recovery of natural gas from shale rock through the process
of hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’. This is a fast growing part of the energy sector in the UK, with
FossGen as a new entrant competing with existing rivals including Cuadrilla.
Natural gas exploration and extraction is regulated in the UK. Energy firms are required to obtain
planning permission from relevant local authorities before exploration can begin, this can be a time
consuming and costly process especially for small firms like FossGen. While not a legal
requirement, energy firms are expected to ‘engage communities in advance of any application for
planning permission and then again at each stage of development’ (Guidance on fracking:
developing shale oil and gas in the UK issued by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial
Strategy April 2016). At the same time energy firms are expected to abide by the terms of a
‘Community Engagement Charter’ in which firms commit to being open and transparent with all
stakeholders. Again this is not a legal requirement. (
You are a communications manager with FossGen, and are part of a small team working towards
obtaining planning permission for a test well to be drilled in Wessex, which if successful might
identify substantial amounts of natural gas in the area. You are aware that fracking is a
controversial process and that there are a number of groups and individuals in the local community
that object to the proposed drilling. Equally the application has support from other groups and
conforms to the government energy strategy. It is important to FossGen to obtain the necessary
planning permission, and to support your application you commissioned a report from Professor
Darwin, an influential and very well regarded geological expert. The report was emailed to your
team this morning and to your surprise Professor Darwin contradicts other information held by
Foss Gen. She states categorically that because of the local geology the test well will have
significant environmental impacts, including contamination of ground water and destruction of a
site of special scientific interest. The first of a series of planned community meetings is due to be
held tomorrow.
Write an essay that answers the question below:
Should you disclose Professor Darwin’s report at the community meeting tomorrow? In
answering this question
a. identify and explain the ethical issues raised in the dilemma above and also identify
and explain who the stakeholders affected by the dilemma are;
b. analyse the ethics of disclosing or not disclosing the report by reference to two of
the following three ethical theories: utilitarianism; the ethics of duty (Kant) and
Rawlsian ideas of justice;
c. state and justify your response to the dilemma in ethical terms bearing in mind the
practical constraints that might have an impact on your response.

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