Being ethical relating to personal, academic, and professional growth means

//Being ethical relating to personal, academic, and professional growth means

Being ethical relating to personal, academic, and professional growth means

Peers Discussion Post:
Being ethical relating to personal, academic, and professional growth means to do what is morally and ethically right at all times. Personal growth would mean to do treat others the way you would like to be treated, do not harm others, and do the right thing even when no one is around to judge. Academic growth would mean to not copy off of classmates and not to commit plagiarism. Professional growth would mean not to compromise authority or treat workers unfairly. Being ethical means to coexist peacefully without hurting others and treating every one equally.
An example of an ethical dilemma that I have encountered was finding a wallet years ago at a bar. I attempted to leave the wallet with a lady bartender but when I saw her take the cash out of the wallet, I snatched it from her hand and demanded that she gave back the wallet immediately. I then walked back with the group of friends that I was with and asked them to help me find the individual on social media. After being able to locate the individual, we met up to return the wallet. The individual turned out to be new to town and was extremely grateful that we went out of our way to return his wallet. We ended up hanging out and exchanging stories. He turned out to be a previous mechanic and ended up fixing one of my girlfriend’s car for free and became friends.
I cannot say that my general education courses have influenced my ethical values. Growing up, I was constantly reminded to be humble and always do the right thing even if I think no one is watching. I could maybe say that the courses have reminded me and prepared me for future supervisor positions to ensure I treat the people assigned to me fairly and not compromise my integrity or authority.
Having a degree is a privilege and unfortunately, it may not be achievable for everyone depending on individual circumstances. People who have the power or knowledge are expected to find different ways to make global improvements. “Continuing your education throughout your life is important. The knowledge you possess affects your actions toward everything and everyone in your life, and in turn helps to perpetuate or destroy humanity and our planet” (Jwood00, 2017, para. 8). Because they hold an education, they are held to a higher standard as it will become their responsibility to educate others and not use their gained knowledge for evil. Individuals with a higher education are less prone to react to violence as there is more at stake versus someone with little to no education who might be used to a different kind of life style. But then again, education does not necessarily mean that they will behave morally and ethically correct.
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