Answer each question with one strong and substantial paragraph.

Answer each question with one strong and substantial paragraph.

US History Survey I – Final Exam

Essay   (10 pts. each)

Answer each question with one strong and substantial paragraph.

Like your responses on the mid-term exam, these paragraphs should be high-quality and thorough, but concise.


  • How did enslaved African Americans in the 19th-century U.S. resist efforts to control and exploit their labor and bodies?


  • In Chapter 4 of Daniel Walker Howe’s book What Hath God Wrought (posted on D2L), what were two of the major outcomes of the Missouri controversies and Missouri Compromises, according to the author? And what did the slave rebellion organizing led by Denmark Vesey have to do with it?


  • In what ways did white Americans’ views of American Indians change from the late 18th century (late 1700s) through the 19th century (1800s)? See chapter 2 from Steven Conn’s book History’s Shadow (posted on D2L), and answer this in relation to his analysis of evolving images of American Indians in art from the period.


  • What were the primary causes and outcomes of the U.S.-Mexican War (1846-48)?


  • What were some of the fundamental ideas and principles of Confederate nationalism (or southern white nationalism) during the Civil War period? (Note: see the Faust reading on Confederate nationalism posted on D2L)



Short Answer  (5 pts. each)


Briefly—in about 2 sentences—define and give the historical significance of each of the following: (In other words – what is it and why does it matter?)


Haitian Revolution


War of 1812


Nat Turner Rebellion


Monroe Doctrine


Manifest Destiny


The Alamo


California Gold Rush


John Brown & Raid on Harper’s Ferry


Fugitive Slave Acts


Radical Reconstruction

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