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One of the graphic novels that have been Witten by Art Spiegelman is called Maus. In the book, Spiegelman tells about Vladek Spiegelman and his son, who is trying to come into terms with the story of his father who is a Jew and a survivor of Hitler in Europe. To be able to draw attention and catch the attention of the readers to the message the author uses Cats to represent the Nazis and mice to represent the Jews. Concerning another book that is called Great Gatsby, it is that it was written by one of the iconic writers of the twentieth century and he is called Scott Fitzgerald. The theme plot and also conflict that has been used in Maus has got significant differences when compared with those of Great Gatsby.

There is a notable a difference in the themes of these two books. The theme of Maus revolves around the trauma that people can undergo over a given period. Maus gives specific examples by showing the life of Vladek and how he is obsessed with saving as if he was still living in Auschwitz. From this, it is portrayed how hard it is to overcome trauma. Other than that Maus presents the case of Spiegelman and how he undergoes trauma as a child and cannot well relate the experience of his father (Spiegelman, 2003). On the other hand, the theme of Great Gatsby revolves around the American dream and also wealth and class, but primarily it tackles love. Inform of pursuit that is also seen it its theme the characters in this story are ready to go to all lengths so that they can get the love and they are also willing to give any sacrifice in the name of finding love. Though Daisy is married to Tom that is a non- issue to Gatsby who tries to use wealth to have Daisy without caring about her marriage and the outcome (Scott,1986). Therefore, while the theme that is seen in the book Maus is Trauma, that of Great Gatsby is a relentless pursuit of love.


Other than the themes there are also notable differences in the plots. The battles were fought during World War II, and the Holocaust is the plot upon which Mau’s is based on. In Maus, two stories are presented which is Vladek’s story of the Holocaust, and there is also Spiegelman encounters as the child of one who survived the Holocaust. Maus is based on real-life encounters that those people who lived during those times can tell and affirm and they are occurrences that are known to have taken place and are all over as historical facts (Spiegelman, 2003). Contrary to this, Great Gats which was written by Scott Fitzgerald is based on fiction. He gives the story of a character that is called Carroway who has relocated from the Midwest and has come to a fictional city that is called West Egg and it on Long Island. The story revolves around the kinship of Carroway and his neighbor Jay and the love that Jay has for Daisy. In summary, it is that it revolves around a love triangle between Carroway and the other two characters(Scott,1986).. While Maus is a verifiable plot Great Gatsby is fiction and not verifiable, this is the significant difference that is seen in the plots of these two books.

The central conflict is the two books are also distinguishable. In Maus, the thing that seeks to bring conflict is the fact that Art is thirsting and eager to know everything that happened during the Holocaust. For these reasons whenever he is with this father, he tries to make out of every kind of opportunity to make sure that he gets more bits of the story about what happened during the Holocaust(Spiegelman, 2003).. On the other hand, the conflict that is central in the book Gatsby is that while Gatsby thinks that his wealth is everything and can win over the love of Daisy, there are still things that hinder Daisy like she needs clarity on the character of Gatsby (Scott,1986). From these illustrations, it is clear what the centers of conflict in the two books are and also the differences when it comes to the center of the conflict.


Every writer often factors in things like plot theme and also conflict, and with these two writers, it has been seen that they took into consideration these factors in their work. While one is based on a real-life experience, the other one is based on fiction. Every writer has used his unique style to captivate his readers.


Spiegelman, A. (2003). “The Complete Maus”. London: Penguin Books Limited.

Scott, F. (1986). “The Great Gatsby”. NewYork:Charles Scribner’s Sons.

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